Praises from the Philippines 

Thank you or all your prayers and intercession and financial support for Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training, INC. around the world and the Philippines. 

Your financial support, as lead by the LORD, 

provided for plane fares, 

money to purchase 8,800 pounds of rice, 

lodging and food, ground transportation, boat transportation, 

1,000 gospels of John in Tagalog, meals, 

and dinner for 6 navy enlisted and Lt. Stephen Brown, Chaplain, after we finished an intercity gospel outreach in Quezon City, Metro Manila. 

Your effectual fervent prayers were very effective, 

the gospel was proclaimed to over 3,000 souls, the majority believing the WORD of God.

We held 8 “Rice and Jesus Christ Outreaches” in the Masbate area. 

We held a “Compassionate Evangelism Training” and lunch, at Uma Koinina Faith Center with about 200 attending. 

One day we drove around looking for any lost sheep that we could preach to them, “LSR” means Lost Sheep Recovery. 

I traveled by boat to Legazpi and worked with Pastor Dave Matthews, 

we preached the gospel on the radio, 

and we took the University of Bicol student leaders on campus to share the gospel one on one. 

On Saturday I was without a translator so I went to the Pacific Mall and found about 100 souls that spoke English, 

sharing the word of God with them. 

On Sunday I flew to Manila and worked with Pastor Lito, from Calvary Chapel Manila 

and did the intercity outreach with Lt. Stephen Brown and crew. 

God opened up many opportunities to share the gospel on the way home in the airports and on the airplanes. 

Remember that your prayers were effective in that so many believed the gospel! 

Praise the LORD!

Continue to pray for them to be confirmed in the faith and grounded in the WORD of God.

Please pray as I’m going back to the Philippines in a couple of weeks. 

Please pray for Gods guidance, a double portion of Gods Holy Spirit, health, 

provision and Gods grace with a loan modification with our lender. Thank you again and God bless you!

Your brother in Christ, 

Steve Coon

I am praying for you daily!

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