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Haiti PreachingHaiti Preaching TruckThank you for your prayers and intercession and financial support for Shepherds Voice, for the work of evangelism and training around the world! Please pray for all of those partnering in the work of evangelism, as a covering over them. Every Partner becomes a target of the enemy, do pray for each other. If the LORD wakes you up at night please pray then also! Your effectiveness in partnering is evident:
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Cross to Light Bible Training Center  Jan. 16-24, 2015
6 team members
We took 7,000 Gospels Of John with us: we preached in the markets, along the street,
at the park, at an orphanage, around the schools.
Wherever we found people, we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with them,
prayed with them to receive the LORD,
encouraged them to follow the LORD and to go to a bible teaching church and to share the good news with their friends. We then gave them a gospel of John,  we ran out of gospels of John on the 6th day. Praise the LORD!
Eastern Samar, Dolores, Libas, Nina, San Julian, Borongan, Lalawigan.     Layte, Tacloban, Philippines
Jan. 28 to Feb. 10, 2015 UTurn for Christ Calvary Chapel
I shared the gospel with airport workers and flight attendants at: LAX, Narita, Japan and Manila, Philippines
Pray for three airline attendants that received the LORD, especially for Kono.
Jan 30  we preached to a crowed at a volleyball game, about 70 received the LORD!
Jan 31  We preached at Libas Plaza, about 300 believed the gospel.
We then Did a Rice and Jesus Christ Outreach at San Julian Calvary Chapel UTurn For Christ about 500 received Jesus Christ as their LORD and savior.
Feb 1  I Taught the Sunday Morning service at Hernani UTurn For Christ Calvary Chapel,
we drove back to Lalawigan and held a Baptism with about 20 being baptized in the ocean.
Feb 2  We did a ‘Rice and Jesus Christ Outreach’ in Libas and about 700 confessed Jesus as LORD and savior,
we also shared the gospel we about 100 school children that believed.
Feb 3  I taught the bible college in the morning while Pastor Gerry Brown held a marriage conference for the pastors and their wives and others at Lalawigan.
Pastor Gerry asked me to do an afternoon session for the marriage conference.
Feb 4  A team From CC Pasadena did a dental clinic outreach at San Julian,
while we went to Libas school and they called an assembly for all the students to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ!
We gave 350 Gospels of John to those that believed the Gospel!
Feb 5  We drove up to Dolores where Typhoon Ruby made landfall.
We did a ‘Rice and Jesus Christ Outreach’ with about 600 praying with us to receive the LORD and then receiving a gospel of John.
We then went to the market and preached the gospel and about 75 believed the gospel.
Feb 6  We went to Borongon Provincial Hospital and gave them medical supplies.
We drove by the seashore and saw a large crowd of people that were going to clean up the beach from typhoon debris,
we shared the gospel with them and about 110 confessed the LORD Jesus Christ.
We preached the gospel at Lalawigan High School and about 200 received the LORD!
Feb 7  We did a ‘Rice and Jesus Christ Outreach’ at Nina and about 250 gladly believed the WORD of God.
Feb 8  I Taught Sunday morning service at UTurn for Christ Calvary Chapel Lalawigan
and then I left for Tacloban to work with Pastor Emil.
Feb 9  I shared the gospel with a class,
at the College of Criminology in Tacloban and then them taught through John 10, about 20 in the class believed.
Pastor Emil & I then went to the area around his church and shared with about 125 people.
We then went to the market area od Tacloban and shared with a little over 100 people that believed also!
Feb 10  Shared the gospel with many in the airports and on the airplanes on the way home.
Praise the LORD for all that He did through His Word! Thousands believed and received the LORD.
Please continue to pray for all the new believers that they would bear fruit in their life.
And pray for those that did not believe yet,
that the Holy Spirit would continue to use His word to convict them of sin and draw them to salvation!
Please pray for my next trips: London, England March 12 to 20. Kosovo, March 20-27, 2015.
For God to prepare the hearts to believe and receive the LORD!
Please pray for my health, a double portion of Gods Holy Spirit and provision.
Thank you and God bless you!
Your brother in Christ,
Steve Coon
Bottom photo: students coming to hear the gospel.
Middle photo: One of our transportation trucks
Top Photo: A few students lingering after the message of the gospel
Steve Coon101_4832school2 101_4812Uturn school

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