Praise Report!

tacloban201611111Thank you for praying and interceding and supporting Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training, INC.

Your partnership is essential in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Because of your support we were allowed to:

Travel to the Philippines

Bring 2200 English Gospels of John

Purchase 1000 Tagalog Gospels of John

Purchase 70-110 pound sacks of rice

Train 30 pastors in Compassionate Evangelism and feed them

Because of your prayers we were allowed to:

Preach the Gospel at 5 schools to about 2100 students, parents and teachers and administrators

Hold 3 “Rice & Jesus Christ” Outreaches in villages, preaching the Gospel to about 800 souls

Share the Gospel with over 100 souls in airports, on planes and in malls

Give out over 3,000, 2lbs+ bags of rice at the schools and in the villages


Please continue to hold Anita & I up in prayer,

we are leaving on August 3rd for England and the UK and returning on August 29th.

Pray for God to bind satan and the evil angels from coming against the minds and the hearts of those that will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For God to set up teaching opportunities in the UK, between the England Creation Fest and the Scotland Creation Fest.

For a double portion of Gods Holy Spirit, guidance, provision and health and safety.

For God to open up opportunities to preach and teach stateside.

Thank you again!

Your brother in Christ,

Steve Coon

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