Philippines Praise

Pray for continued revival in my heart,
for the LORD to sent helpers in the ministry, a double
portion of God’s Holy Spirit and provision. For God to
show me where to go next! Steve
May 14 to 24, 2014
Steve & Anita
Coon to Philippines

May 14 We
left from LAX
to Tokyo, received free upgrade! Yea God! A server received
the LORD in the
airport! While I was sharing with a stewardess on the
airplane I was
interrupted by another stewardess (this was the 3rd time this
stewardess has interrupted me on different flights) but she
was determined to
hear the gospel and she received the LORD Jesus Christ!
Praise the LORD!

Arrived in Tokyo, took a taxi to hotel, shared the gospel
with the desk man, no

Shared at the airport with 2 receptionists and they believed
the gospel and
received the LORD! I Shared with 1 attendant on the plane
that was not sure if
she believed the gospel yet. Arrived at Manila and stayed at
the airport Hotel
and shared with 14 hotel workers and 2 restaurant workers
that received the

arrived at the airport in Manila at 2:30 am to check in and
the check in lady had
received the LORD on my previous trip and she said she was
reading her bible
every day! Praise the LORD! I shared with 30 to 40 people in
the airport that
received the LORD!

We arrived in
Tacloban at 6 am and it took 5 hours driving in a van to
reach Lalawigan where
the UTurn for Christ Calvary Chapel is located. We arrived
afternoon and took a
little rest and then we headed out with a team to the Bye
Bye, which is an area
where people hang out and buy BBQ. We preached to around 120
people and about
30 to 40 of them received the LORD!

18th I
taught ‘Compassionate Evangelism’ at Revival Christian
Church in Borongan
Sunday morning and at 2 pm Anita taught at the same church,
about 150 woman, ‘How
to start and how to conduct an intercessory prayer group for
your pastor and
for your church, and how to keep it going.’ After Anita
finished we got the
team together and took rice to Maydolong to share the gospel
with about 350
people. These people respond to the gospel!

19th Monday
morning we went to Borongan and preached to around 350
people, including children,
Anita taught the 30 woman in Lalawigan on intercessory
prayer, we took a team
to a village and gave out rice and Jesus Christ to about 225

20th Tuesday
we drove to Hernani for Anita to teach about 18 women on
intercessory prayer
and we preached to around 150 people in Hernani. We then
went to another
village and preached to about 125 people

Wed. we went to San Julian where Pastor
Mark has started a church and preached to about 200 people.
In the afternoon we
went to Lalawigan and preached to around 300 people. Wed.
evening I taught at
Lalawigan Uturn for Christ Calvary Chapel on

22nd We took
a van to Tacloban at 5 am and arrived around 10 am, we
checked into a hotel and
shared the LORD with about 15 people that believed. Anita
Taught a group of 18
women on prayer at the new church plant in Tacloban while
Pastor Emil and
Pastor Lolan and I evangelized up and down the road to
around 300 people. We
bought rice for the church to distribute.

23rd We
were on our way to the airport at 4:30 am for a 6:40 am
flight to Manila. I Shared
the LORD with many in the airport there. We arrived in
Manila and shared the LORD
with those that we came in contact with as we changed
terminals to fly to Tokyo.
I shared with 3 flight attendants on the flight to Tokyo. We
overnighted in
Tokyo and Anita met with Mihoko Bolinger who met us at the
airport in the
morning of the 24th. I
shared the LORD with several flight
attendants on this flight. One of which I had shared the
Lord with on an earlier
trip that received the LORD, and he said that he is reading
his bible every day!
Yea God and Praise the LORD!

Thank you for
your prayers and intercession and support! You a very large
part of this work,
remember this is the body of Christ working together! Praise
the LORD!
Thank you! Steve & Anita Coon



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