Philippines Praise!

Thank you for praying for the work of evangelism around the world!
Your intercession and support are essential in partnership as God is leading this work.
Here is a summary of what God did in the Philippines, remember you had a large part is this work by you partnership with Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training.
To the Philippines June 22 to July 2, 2014
22. LAX to Manila, Shared with many on the ground and on the plane, several gave their life to Jesus. Shared with about 10 people in Hong Kong.
24. Manila to Tacloban, shared with many in the airport with a great reception to the gospel. Purchased 7900 pounds of rice for our ‘Rice and Jesus Christ Outreaches” and 2900 Gospels of John delivered to Tacloban.
25. We did a medical Mission in Lalawigan and preached to around 600 people who received the gospel of Jesus Christ with open arms.
26. Medical Mission in Hernani. Preached the gospel to over 400 people that believed and received the LORD Jesus Christ.
27. We drove to San Julian and bussed students to the basketball court. “Rice and Jesus Christ’ was given to about 450 adults and children who believed and received the gospel. The team was interviewed at a FM radio station later that day, 12 Children received the LORD as we were waiting outside the station.
28. The youth went with us to the Main plaza in San Julian and we gave them ‘Rice and Jesus Christ’ to about 600 people who believed the gospel. Pastor Gerry Brown then gave the youth a couple of hours to swim at a pool in Borongon and 20 kids received the LORD at the pool.
29. I taught ‘Compassionate Evangelism’ at Josh’s dads church. We did ‘Rice and Jesus Christ’ in the main plaza in Borongon and 600 gladly received a gospel of John after believing the message of salvation.
30. We gave ‘Rice and Jesus Christ’ to a village just before Maydolong and around 450 heard the word of God and believed the gospel.
July 1. Began travel home shared the gospel with many workers and attendants with a greast response to the gospel.

Thank you again for praying! Please pray for my upcoming trip to Ireland with Anita July 14 to the 24th.
I will be at pastors conference and a missions conference between now and the 12th.
Please pray for Gods filling with His Holy Spirit, provision and the power to do His will!
Your brother in Christ,
Steve Coon for photos and updates




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