Overview of Haiti trip!

Journal for trip to Cross to Light, Haiti Bible Training Center Dec. 3 to 11, 2012

Dec. 3. Nate Foss took me to the LAX Airport. Shared the gospel with ticket agent who prayed with me to believe and follow the LORD! The LORD allowed me to get 3 bags weighting 72 to 74.5 lbs with drilling supplies and bibles in at no charge! Praise the LORD!
I shared with 7 other people in the airports and on the planes.

Dec. 4. Charles Watson & I went to evangelize in the area of the Training Center, we shared the gospel with ~35 people which believed and received the LORD and will follow the LORD! I was allowed to be on 4 tapings of the “Destiny” TV Show where the primary goal is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ! Destiny air on the largest secular TV station in Haiti, 3 times a day, 7 days a week! Praise the LORD the gospel goes out to the un-churched and the non-believer daily! Praise the LORD!

Dec. 5. I taught at the Bible training Center for 3 hours in the morning on evangelism. they have 7 new students and 3 about to graduate. Charley Watson & I went out to the byways. We shared the gospel with~30 people, there was a great harvest of souls! Please pray as we are now pumping water from the new well, but only at 1/2 gallon a minute, praise the LORD for the water, Pray for the LORD to provide a more powerful 1&1/2 hp pump, as they use 600 to 800 gallons of water a day.
Please pray as they have started drilling a water well on the new church property today, for grace and water!

Dec. 6. A team from Paris, Texas, lead by Pastor Damian Velarde and Pastor Greg Kee, held a medical clinic in the tent city Sinnius. Over 200 came to be seen by the 2 doctors and Charles Watson & I shared the gospel with each one of them, almost all believed and received the LORD! Praise the LORD!
Charles & I shared with ~35 people on the way back to the Bible Training Center, many received the gospel with great joy! We went to eat with the team from Texas and Kerby & I shared with 3 young men at the restaurant, 1 was a believer, and the other 2 received the LORD!
We drove to the new church property to pay some workers and shared with 4 workers, 3 already believed and the other one received the LORD!
We stopped at a store and shared the gospel with the 7 store employees and all received the LORD!
Back at the Training center a septic tank inspector showed up to give a quote for pumping the tank, he said he couldn’t give a quote, only look to be sure the truck could access the tank!? So we shared the gospel with him and he believed and was now going to follow Jesus!

Dec. 7. Charles Watson & I shared the gospel with over 100 people in groups of 2 to 25 at a time, many wanted to believe and follow Jesus! Praise the LORD!

Dec. 8. Today we went into the countryside of Haiti, to do 2 children’s ministry outreaches! Kirby(my translator) & I took 5 ‘taptap’s’(a Toyota truck made into a taxi, that can hold up to 20 people) to the area. We left at 7:45 am and arrived at 10:30am. We shared the gospel on 4 of these public taxi’s, one of these was a bus, there were about 70 people on this bus! Praise the LORD the word of God was received with joy!! The last one had 20 people on it and most of them were hotly arguing with each other, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to fall on this taptap, and then we shared the gospel and the Holy Spirit fell on everyone! After they received the LORD, the guy next to me then gave his testimony and we gave them much exhortation and encouragement! All together we shared with about 120 people on the way to minister at the outreaches. We arrived late, but we had time to share the gospel with about 100 kids at the 1st location and then we were allowed to helped feed them lunch. We then went and shared the gospel with about 70 kids at the 2nd location! Praise the LORD! Many received the LORD and many were encouraged! What a day! That evening we recorded 3 Destiny TV Shows with Pastor Gary & Pastor Brian. Thank you for praying!

Dec. 9. We went with Pastor Gary to the Destiny ranch that is ~ 4 to 5 acres, that he started several months ago, where he takes in street kids and leads them to the LORD and disciples them and feeds them and houses them. He has about 7-8 kids now! He also has a church on the property in a tent, we held a service and he had ~90 come to hear the word of God and to worship. It was a great service!

Dec. 10. I taught 2 hours on evangelism at the Bible Training Center. We recorded 4 more “Destiny” TV Shows with pastors Gary & Brian. We shared the gospel on each show!

Dec. 11. Time to go home! I shared the gospel with 5 people at the airport in Haiti. I shared with 2 stewardess and 3 lounge employees. At Miami airport it took 75 minutes for our bags to come down! What a delay! So I shared the gospel with a man named Jose who prayed right there to receive the LORD and to follow HIM! Praise the LORD!
Go to www.shepherdsvoice.com to see pictures
Thank you, Steve Coon


Students and team members on the roof of the Bible Training Center listening to a devotion by Pastor Brian McDaniel.


Pictured below is a “Taptap”


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  1. Wow, Steve, this is phenomenal!! I’ve never heard of so many conversions at one time except once when Bob and I were hitchhiking across the US Bob witnessed to a group of 7 kids and they all accepted the Lord. you”re talking about repentance and a confession of faith, right? Amazing.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you at the bible training center. I only wish I had more time to spend getting to know you. Witnessing the passion you had to bring the gospel to as many people as possible was inspiring. I pray our paths cross again. God bless!

  3. Steve,
    You’re like a modern day Arthur Blessit! It’s pretty amazing how God uses each individual’s gifts and abilities to minister to His people. You certianly have the gift of evangelism!
    Keep in touch,
    Jerry and Pamela

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