June Haiti Praise Journal

June Haiti Praise Journal! June 14 to 22, 2013


14. Shared with 2 ticket agents, 3 lounge workers and 4 stewardesses.

15. Arrived at 10 am, we went to Petionville at 11 am with a Texas team and brought 1500 Gospel of John with us!

We preached the gospel and prayed with those that believed and gave them a gospel of John. We returned home, with about 50 gospel! Praise the LORD!

16. Prayed for people at the hospital, 2 received the LORD on the way. We then went to minister to the children at Dora’s orphanage.

17. We had a big feast at the Cross to Light Haiti Bible Training Center, we invited the poorest of the poor. We had 138 guests that we shared the gospel with, gave them dinner and then gave them cloths. We had an evangelism devotion with the Texas Youth.

18. We went gate to gate evangelizing to about 100 souls. We went to the top of a hill to pray over Port Au Prince and shared the gospel with 3 restaurant workers who received the LORD, 1 of them was in Vodoo. Praise the LORD!

19. Preached the gospel at the pool tent city, 95 received! 7 received the LORD on the taptap on the way to Epidor and 8 received the LORD at Epidor! Praise the LORD!

20. Preached the gospel at Jonas church, 90 received the LORD! We preached the gospel at the taptap station and gave out 115 gospel of John to those that believed! Praise the LORD!

21. We went to the open market with our remaining 600 gospels and shared the gospel and gave them to those that believed the gospel. We then went to Saloam radio station and preached the gospel over the airwaves.

22. Returned home and shared with ticket agent and 2 airport workers and my seat mate from Venezuela receiver the LORD! Praise the LORD!
Thank you for praying! Steve

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