July Haiti Praise Report

Journal for Haiti July 11-22, 2013
11. I arrived at the airport with 2700 gospel of John in French and other gifts for Haiti, I shared the gospel with the ticket agent and others airport workers, one received the LORD! I shared with people in the airport and on the plane
12. On my 3rd plane, my seat mate Rodriquez received the LORD! Praise the LORD! I arrived in Haiti and was flagged over at customs because of my 5 bags of gifts, I opened the first bag and opened a box of gospels and gave them all one and they passed me through. We went to church at Julio’s church at Carridea Tent city that night.
13. The men from the Harvest team went with Julio and I to the open market with 2,000 gospels of John and preached for about 5 hours, to those that believed and received the LORD , we gave them a gospel of John. When we returned to the Bible Training Center we were completely out of gospels! Praise the LORD!
14. We went to Julio’s church in the morning, In the afternoon we preached gate to gate and about 30 people received the LORD! We then had a feast for the poorest of the poor at the Cross to Light Haiti Bible Training Center. We invited 240 of the neighbors and shared the gospel with them and fed them and gave them gifts.
15. We took the Harvest team to the airport and then went to the warehouse to buy rice and beans, we shared with some of the people there and 3 received the LORD! Praise the LORD! We went to an outreach downtown and 50-60 received the LORD!
16. We took a team of men from CC Cerritos to Petionville and 550 gospels of John and preached on the street for a hour and a half and gave a gospel to those the received the LORD.
17. We went gate to gate evangelizing around the Bible training Center and used 100 gospels.
18. CC Cerritos did a medical outreach and gave out gifts to the people at Carridea Church and we shared the gospel with 60 people that believed.
19. We went to the open market and Julio translated. Fidenel, Julian, Mike and Rajive helped and we used 1.000 gospel of John, giving them to those that believed the gospel. Praise the LORD!
20. We went to the open market again with Julio, Daniel, Fidenel, Katie and Allie. We preached the gospel and gave 800 gospel of John to those that believed!
21. We went to Quesciact Chapel Sunday morning. I preached at Destiny Church Revival meeting Sunday night to 120 people with a great response. Praise the LORD!
22. A team of doctors from Texas held a medical clinic at the gate of the Training Center, and we shared the gospel with about 40 people waiting to be seen, that received the LORD! Praise the LORD! I shared the gospel with many in the airport and on the plane on the way home! Praise the LORD! We had a total of 5,700 gospels of John when we started and there were only about 100 that remained when I left! Praise the LORD! We need a million gospels and bibles! LORD please provide! www.shepherdsvoice.com photos coming! Thank you for your prayers! Steve Coon


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