Haiti countryside

Today we went into the countryside of Haiti, to do 2 children’s ministry outreaches! Kirby(my translator) & I took 5 ‘taptaps'(a Toyota truck made into a taxi, that can hold up to 20 people) to the area. We left at 7:45 am and arrived at 10:30am. We shared the gospel on 4 of these, and 1 was a bus, that we shared the gospel with, there were about 70 people on this particular bus! Praise the LORD the word of God was received! The last one had 20 people on it and most of them were hotly arguing with each other, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to fall on this taptap, and then we shared the gospel and the Holy Spirit fell on everyone! After they received the LORD, the guy next to me then gave his testimony and we gave them much exhortation and encouragement! All together we shared with about 120 people on the way to minister at the outreaches. We arrived late, but we had time to share the gospel with about 100 kids at the 1st location and then helped feed them lunch. We then went and shared the gospel with about 70 kids at the 2nd location! Praise the LORD! What a day! That evening we recorded 4 Destiny TV Shows. Thank you for praying!



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