Haiti August Mission

Journal for Haiti August 19 to 28, 2013

I arrived In Haiti on the 20th. We took a team to the open market on Wed. after preaching to around 1000 my wallet got lifted from my backpack. After we sorted that out, we preached to another 200 souls. On Thursday we went to the hills above Petionville and shared with about 500 souls and on the way home we saw a little church that we stopped at, they allowed us to preach the gospel to the little church with a great reception. On Friday we preached along the roads and at the taptap station to about 175 people. On Saturday morning we preached at Canaan church to around 100 souls. Sunday we went to pray for Charles Watson to recover from a motorcycle accident, we preached in the taptap on the way there and back, to around 60 souls. On Monday we went to the open market place and preached to about 350 people. On Tuesday we preached around Canaan Church to about 100 people, and then taught ‘Evangelism for Dummies’ at the church.
I shared the gospel with many in the airports and on the planes! Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray that each of these would become fruitful in Jesus Christ! go to www.shepherdsvoice.com for updates and pictures. Thank you, Steve Coon


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