Blog for Sapporo, Japan. Jan. 15 to 24, 2013

Sapporo, Japan Jan. 15-24, 2013
Tues. 15. I arrived at LAX Tuesday morning and shared with ~6 at the airport, the luggage man gladly received the LORD!
I shared with 2 flight attendants, and then the man next to me on the plane from Columbia , who received the LORD!
Wens. 16. I traveled from Narita airport to Haneda airport and gave the Jesus film DVD in Japanese, to ~15 people.
I shared the gospel with the ticket agent from japan Airlines and she received the LORD!
Thurs. 17. I shared the gospel with 6 Japanese students and 3 of them received the LORD!
Fri. 18. It snowed most of the day. I gave the Jesus DVD to 2 neighbors.
Sat. 19. We went looking for people at a mall and shared the gospel with 9 people and 4 received the LORD!
Sun. 20. It snowed and I gave the Jesus DVD to 2 other neighbors(i was shoveling snow), we had church that night, I shared the gospel with 3 people and 2 received the LORD!
Mon. 21. We ran some errands and at the grocery store a young Frenchman received the LORD! We shared the good news with 2 ladies and thy both believed the gospel!
Steve L. saw a car with a flat tire, he fixed the tire and then shared the gospel with the man and he received the LORD! We then did training that afternoon with Steve, Michi and Momoko.
Tues. 22. In town we shared with 2 people who received the LORD! We then shared with 3 people and 1 received the LORD! Michi asked one of the students that we shared with on the 17th, that then did not receive the LORD, if he wanted to now and he said, YES!! And she prayed with him.
Wens. 23. We did training from 8 am to 9:30 am and then went to town to evangelize. We shared the gospel with 2 girls who believed. We shared with an Jewish guy named Isaac, who said he will consider the claims of Jesus Christ. We shared with 2 ladies at the electric co. and 1 believed the gospel. We stopped at the Toyota dealer and Steve L. Shared with a salesman who received the LORD! We then went to Steve L.’s favorite coffee place and we shared with 2 men who both believed the LORD! We then trained the church from 7 pm to 9:30 pm
Thurs. 24. Traveling back to Home! Gave 35 Jesus DVD’s to airport personal and I shared the gospel with the lounge attendant using Jibbigo Japanese translator and a personal PA, and she received the LORD! Praise the LORD!



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