Praises from the Philippines

Preached to about 75 Police Trainees in Davao.

Preached the gospel to around 1100 students.

Same school different classroom

Preached the word of God to around 450 students at lunchtime at a High School in Davao.

Thank you for praying, interceding and financially supporting the mission of Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training, INC. to preach the gospel, in the Philippines and around the world! Your prayers are effective and much appreciated, the LORD worked much in helping us preach the WORD of God! We preached in a school and at a school, on the radio, at the market and in the malls. We taught Evangelism: Pure & Simple at a new church plant also. Please pray for the 2500 or so souls, that heard the gospel, for God to confirm them in the faith, and make them into the good soil! Please pray for my next trip to Olongapo, Philippines July 21 – August 1, 2019. Pray for Anita, her knee surgery in the first week in August. Pray for a double portion of the Holy Spirit, guidance, provision(ministry & personal), strength and health. Thank you again! Your brother in Christ, Steve Coon

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