Praise from the Philippines 

Hello Steve! We are still talking about the Rice and Jesus Christ experienced by the communities here. Many have joined our bible studies and church service. Praise God! We are grateful God gave you the time and provisions, twice, to reach us. May He continue to provide for all your needs. You are prayed for by our brethren here. Alex, front row, 3rd from left in black outfit, is expressing many, many thanks to God for using the ministry to help with his surgery. I saw him at the provincial hospital yesterday, spoke to his surgeon, prayed with his parents and everyone else in his hospital room, and as of last night, he is back home to continue recovering. My prayer is for him to gain back his physical strength, get deeper in faith with God and his life be a testimony to the youth of Mapina. 
We cannot ever thank you enough for how you helped us here but God rewards His servants, and so I’m confident He will meet your needs somehow. Glory always to Him, our rock, our hope, our Father! 

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