Photos from Olongapo, Philippines

Photos Below!

In the central Park of Olongapo.

Same Park.

Sharing at a basketball court.
A different Basketball Court, All believed the gospel and received the LORD!
They were so happy they wanted to take a photo!
Preaching at the beach.
Teaching “Evangelism: Pure & Simple” Pastors and Church leaders.
Teaching “Evangelism: Pure & Simple” Pastors and Church leaders.
Basketball court


Thank you for your prayers, intercessions and financial support for the mission of Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training, INC, to preach the gospel in the Philippines and around the world!

Your prayers were very effective, we serve a God who answers prayers!

We preached the WORD of God in the Malls, at the beach, at the basketball courts and the public market to around 3000 souls! Praise the LORD!

Pray for the Word to not return void! Go to to see some more photos!

Please pray for the Beachside Summer Fest at Huntington Beach, this Saturday 11am- 6 pm,

For God to be glorified and many to believe the WORD and to follow the LORD!

Please begin praying for my next trip to Davao, Philippines, June 28 to July 8, 2019. Pray for God to give us permission to preach the Word at the Night market.

Pray for a double portion of the Holy Spirit, guidance, provision(ministry & personal),Health and energy.

Thank you again!

Your brother in Christ,

Steve Coon

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