Blog for Sapporo, Japan. Jan. 15 to 24, 2013

Sapporo, Japan Jan. 15-24, 2013 Tues. 15. I arrived at LAX Tuesday morning and shared with ~6 at the airport, the luggage man gladly received the LORD! I shared with 2 flight attendants, and then the man next to me on the plane from Columbia , who received the LORD! Wens. 16. I traveled from Narita airport to Haneda airport and gave the Jesus film DVD in Japanese, to ~15 people. I shared the gospel with the ticket agent from japan Airlines and she received the LORD! Thurs. 17. I shared the gospel Read more [...]

Prayer & Praise!

Thank you for all your support in prayer for the work of evangelism in Sapporo, Japan! I arrived Wednesday, Midnight, it was about 3 degrees fahrenheit. Burrr.. But the flights were good and I got to share the gospel with some of the workers. Thomas believed at LAX and a ticket agent for Japan Airlines believed and received the Lord at Hanada airport in Tokyo! Thursday was a busy day in Sapporo, my hosts Steve and Michiyo Lorincz had much to do, still we shared the gospel with 6 students and 3 Read more [...]

Prayer Request!

Thank you for your prayers and intercession and support for the work of evangelism! Last week I shared the gospel at the Hope Central Watts Christmas Outreach! I was able to share the gospel with over 300 people as they were in line to be served a Christmas dinner, many believed and received the LORD! Praise the LORD! Then on Sat. I worked with 'Christmas in the Park' in Santa Ana, I was able to share the gospel with about 40 people and most believed and received the LORD! The LORD provided Read more [...]

Overview of Haiti trip!

Journal for trip to Cross to Light, Haiti Bible Training Center Dec. 3 to 11, 2012 Dec. 3. Nate Foss took me to the LAX Airport. Shared the gospel with ticket agent who prayed with me to believe and follow the LORD! The LORD allowed me to get 3 bags weighting 72 to 74.5 lbs with drilling supplies and bibles in at no charge! Praise the LORD! I shared with 7 other people in the airports and on the planes. Dec. 4. Charles Watson & I went to evangelize in the area of the Training Center, we Read more [...]

Haiti countryside

Today we went into the countryside of Haiti, to do 2 children's ministry outreaches! Kirby(my translator) & I took 5 'taptaps'(a Toyota truck made into a taxi, that can hold up to 20 people) to the area. We left at 7:45 am and arrived at 10:30am. We shared the gospel on 4 of these, and 1 was a bus, that we shared the gospel with, there were about 70 people on this particular bus! Praise the LORD the word of God was received! The last one had 20 people on it and most of them were hotly arguing with Read more [...]


Thank you for all your prayer and intercession and support for the work of evangelism & training! I arrived in Port-AU-Prince on Tuesday, then Charles Watson & I went out to the byways and evangelized, many heard the word and many believed the gospel! Praise the LORD! Pastor Gary came to the Cross to Light Bible Training Center Tuesday evening, and we taped 4 TV programs of "Destiny"! We shared the gospel on each show and also did some teaching of the word of God. Destiny airs 3 times every Read more [...]

Japan Nov. 11-19, 2012

November 11-19, 2012 11. At LAX airport I shared with the gate agent, a status checker and the lounge guard. At the DFW airport I shared with the Lounge guards. On the plane I shared with the stewardess and the lady seated next to me. 12. At Narita Airport I shared with the immigration agent, customs agent and a gate agent. I then met up with Dr. Moots who would translate for me while I was in Japan. We shared with the Sendai car rental agent and lot keeper, and a store clerk. 13. We Read more [...]