Olongapo, Philippines

Thank you for Praying! Thank you for praying, interceding and financially supporting the mission to preach the gospel of Shepherds Voice Evangelism & Training, INC., in the Philippines and around the world! The Holy Spirit led us to preach the gospel to over 3300 souls! Praise the LORD! We preached at schools, parks, basketball courts, public markets, Christmas Parties and malls. Please pray that God would confirm them in the faith and make the soil of their soul, into the good soil that brings forth 30, 60, 100 fold! God spared us from the Typhoon, having passed a couple of hundred miles to the south of where we were. We thank yo for praying for that. Pray for a double portion of the Holy Spirit, guidance, provision(ministry & personal), health and strength. Thank you again! Your brother in Christ, Steve Coon 

We stumbled on a Christmas Party, they allowed us to preach the gospel. Praise the LORD!

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