Japan Nov. 11-19, 2012

November 11-19, 2012

11. At LAX airport I shared with the gate agent, a status checker and the lounge guard.

At the DFW airport I shared with the Lounge guards. On the plane I shared with the stewardess and the lady seated next to me.

12. At Narita Airport I shared with the immigration agent, customs agent and a gate agent. I then met up with Dr. Moots who would translate for me while I was in Japan. We shared with the Sendai car rental agent and lot keeper, and a store clerk.

13. We shared with a store clerk and then 8 fisherman at the docks of Ishinomaki, and 2 received the LORD! We set out to travel up the coast on ‘Lost Sheep Recovery’ and shared with 7 store clerks and 1 store customer along the way. At a school 1 lady received the LORD and she wanted to tell others about the LORD, so we gave her 80 Jesus film DVD’s to evangelize with, then we shared with about 40 youth and 20 received the LORD! On the way home we shared with a cashier that received the LORD!

14. We shared with 3 food shop customers and 10 store clerks throughout the day as we drove 5 hours to Kamaishi. We shared with 4 people at a temporary housing area, 1 gas attendant and 2 restaurant workers. We were very discouraged, thinking we missed where the LORD wanted us to be that day! We then spotted a large group of high school students and shared with 15-20 of them and 4-5 received the LORD! We shared with 2 toll booth attendants on the way home.

15. We shared with 6 store clerks, 8 restaurant workers throughout the day. And 15 people at Sendai Station and 4 received the LORD! We then went to Singing Aeon Mall and shared with 13 people and 3 of them received the LORD!


Nov. 16. We drove to Sendai Station to turn in our car and shared a clerk along the way, the girl that drove us to the Station, and the ticket agent. We took 5 different trains to Iruma, Japan and Dan Bolinger collected us at the station. We shared with 7 students at a small mall, and 5 received the LORD(Pepe, Iruma photo)! We shared with a wife and 2 store clerks.

Sharing with students at Pepe, Iruma

17. We held the Shepherds Voice Evangelism Seminar from 9 am to 3 pm at Solid Rock Ministries in Iruma, Japan. We then shared the gospel with 2 groups of youth, the first 8 I think all believed and received the LORD! The second group, 1 received the LORD!

18. I Shared with Solid Rock Ministries Church on “‘The Shepherds Voice’ to the believer”, do I listen? Do I obey? Every time?

19. I took the train to the bus for a 2.5 hour bus ride to Narita Airport, shared with the bus driver, and about 20 people at the airport: ticket agents, directional people, security guards, TSA type people, immigration agent, sales people and lounge agents. And a great stewardess named Lynn who already believed and asked for prayer!

We gave out about 500 Jesus film DVD’s and many Gospels of John and New Testaments.


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