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Homeless Ministry Tokyo, Japan

Journal for Oct. 2012 Japan trip

Oct 14.  Arrived at LAX checked-in, shared the gospel with ticket agent, she believed and received the LORD! Shared with the food server, she believed and received.

Oct  16. Arrived in Tokyo and gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the immigration agent. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to two car rental workers. Dr. Moots & I then headed for gospel town. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the cashier at a store & to people at the rest stops and the gas station. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the tolls booth operators(7[we made a wrong turn and came to a dead end just a few miles from the broken nuclear power plant]). Arrived at gospel town around 10 pm.

Oct  17. Dr. Moots & I drove around Ishinomaki looking for people to share the gospel with: at stores and malls and restaurants. We found more people, though not that many at the Singing Aeon Mall. We shares with about 10 people that day and maybe 2-3 received the LORD.

Oct  18. We got gas and shared the gospel with the girl attendant, she received the LORD! We went looking for schools that we visited last May, and so we did a long Northern coastal route that is sparsely populated. It was amazing as we were lost and did not know it, but we really weren’t lost, the Holy Spirit was leading us! We turned into an area that Moots wanted to go to with 7-8 little shops in temporary buildings, and there was a taxi driver in his car that we shared the gospel with, he received the LORD and said ‘I’ve been wanting something like this!’ He had never heard the gospel before. We then drove on(lost) and saw 2 men sitting down eating lunch, we stopped and shared the gospel with them, they said they lost everything in the tsunami, possession and family, everything. We said if you every want to see any of your relatives again, the only place that you can see them is in heaven if they were believers! They said that the gospel gave them hope! Pray for them they are reading the gospel of John asking God to show them the truth! We stopped and shared with 3 men on the roadside who said they did not want to hear, so on the way back to the car there were 2 men sitting in a car smoking, we shared with them and they believed and received the LORD! We then found our way back to Ishinomaki where we went to the Singing Aeon Mall and shared the gospel with about 15 people. We then went to dinner and we shared with the servers and cashiers. I think about 9 people said yes to Jesus that day.

Several months after the tsunami…

Oct  19. We drove to Sendai to take the bullet train to Tokyo. We shared with the ticket agent, the conductor on the train and the clerk at the hotel in Tokyo, the clerk said yes to Jesus! We found a bridge with many people sitting on the side and shared with about 15 people and 12 of them received the LORD! We went and had dinner and shared with 2 cashiers. We went to the youth area of Tokyo and shared with about 15 young people and 7 believed and received the LORD!

Oct  20. we got started at 5:15 am and brought 300 Japanese new testaments and over 100 gloves and hundreds of hand warmers for the homeless ministry. We shared the gospel and I guessing maybe 4-5 received the LORD! We then went and had breakfast and shared with the server. We headed back to Sendai on the train and we were very tired(Dr. moots pushed around about 300 lbs of bibles and hand warmers). we arrived back in Sendai and shared the gospel around the train station, we shared with about 15 people and around 6 received the LORD! We drove back to Ishinomaki and shared with 2 at the mall, 1 received the LORD!

Oct  21. We went to J’s Cafe for church and shared with a man, he than said he does not believe and has no intention of becoming a christian. We walked around the neighborhood and shared with 1 person. We drove to the temporary housing and shared with 2 men, they seemed to not at all interested. We went to the Aeon Supercenter and shared with 3 people selling just inside the door and they received the LORD! The lady came up to us as we finished sharing with the 2nd guy and wanted to hear the gospel! Praise the LORD! We than walked around and shared with 5 girls, 4 believed and received the LORD! We drove to the Singing Aeon Mall and shared with around 26 people and about 14 received the LORD! Of these people 1 was 1 of the 2 men that did not seem interested, now in a different setting with his family, he said remember me! He believed with his family and received the LORD!

Teachers display of Calvary Chapel High Schools “letters of Hope”!

Oct  22. We then headed to Minamisanriku, where in May of this year 2 teachers believed and received the LORD! Praise the LORD, we found one of the teachers and he was full of joy and said that all the teachers and administrators received the Jesus film DVD’s. That they made a display of the cards and letters from the Calvary Chapel High School students! And thy showed us the display which was still up! Praise the LORD! We then headed for the Singing Aeon Mall and shared with 7 people and 6 believed and received the LORD! Praise the LORD!

Oct  23. Headed to Tokyo airport, along the way we gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to many people. Shared the gospel with the ticket agent and the helpers and the staff at the waiting area. Shared the gospel with several flight attendants. Thank you for all you prayers and intercession and support! Your brother in Christ, Steve Coon

6 thoughts on “Japan Blog Oct. 2012

  1. “The power of Christ unto Salvation” comes to mind. Like your logo. I laugh when I read your posts, because it is so like you Steve to capture these opportunities to share the gospel at every turn. Seeking kreyol coins for Haiti.
    God Bless you Steve. I love you.

  2. Steve: Judy and I pray for you continually, as we’ve always known God would use you in a great and mighty way. May God bless you, expand your borders, and bring a harvest of people for you to share the Gospel with. To God be the glory great things He hath done.

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