Haiti Praise Report!

Haiti journal April 25 to May 6, 2013
April 25 Arrived at the airport and shared the gospel with many there, arrived in Miami and shared the gospel with many at the airport!

26 Arrived in Haiti and preached the gospel on the radio and shared with a few folks.

27 Julio & Daniel and I went to the open markets in Port-au-Prince and shared the gospel with multitudes, we took 800 gospels of John with us, after we shared the gospel we prayed with those that believed and then gave them a gospel of John. Praise the LORD we gave out all 800 gospels!

28 We shared around the Training Center.

29 Monday morning I taught the students on evangelism in the morning. We went out to the area and found a school that allowed us to preach the gospel to 7 classes of about 200 students total! Praise the LORD!

30 We went door to door preaching the gospel and God opened many doors for the Haitians to hear the gospel and receive the LORD! One of the houses had about 12 to 15 adults! Praise the LORD!

May 1 Cross to Light Ministries held its 2nd “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” at the Mayors’ residence. We worshiped the LORD and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem, and preached the gospel!
It was a great night with thousands attending, and many making professions of faith!

2 We preached the gospel door to door with an amazing reception to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

3 We preached the gospel door to door with Luis & Domane in the early afternoon, and then later on, Julio went with me, we went up and down the streets, calling out at the doors of houses and God saved many! Praise the LORD!

4 Julio wanted to go to Petionville to the open markets to preach this Saturday, so we took Daniel and the remaining 720 gospels of John with us! Praise the LORD! What a day! We preached the gospel and gave gospels to those that received the LORD and ran out of gospels at 1pm in the afternoon, we continued preaching the gospel and got home about 4:30 pm, preaching the gospel on the taptap’s, and to people on the streets and to those that wanted us to pay to watch basketball. Praise the LORD!

5 I was scheduled to teach evangelism at Josephs’ church. We left at 6:30 am and had a flat tire at about 7:30 am while they were fixing the tire we shared the gospel with those around us who received the LORD! Praise the LORD! We got to Josephs’ church at 8:30, a little late and at the start of the service I discovered that these folks needed to hear the gospel before I training them to share the gospel! It was great! They received the LORD and then I taught them to share the gospel with their friends and relatives. We shared the gospel with those we met on the way home! Praise the LORD!

6 Shared the gospel at the airports on the plane on the way home. The LORD bless me as I returned home without a headache! Praise the LORD!

We shared the gospel with over 2,000 people on the streets and byways and house to house and at the open markets! Praise the LORD!

Thank you! Your prayers and support made this possible by Gods’ grace! Steve Coon



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