July Haiti Praise Report

Journal for Haiti July 11-22, 2013 July 11. I arrived at the airport with 2700 gospel of John in French and other gifts for Haiti, I shared the gospel with the ticket agent and others airport workers, one received the LORD! I shared with people in the airport and on the plane 12. On my 3rd plane, my seat mate Rodriquez received the LORD! Praise the LORD! I arrived in Haiti and was flagged over at customs because of my 5 bags of gifts, I opened the first bag and opened a box of gospels and gave them Read more [...]

June Haiti Praise Journal

June Haiti Praise Journal! June 14 to 22, 2013 June 14. Shared with 2 ticket agents, 3 lounge workers and 4 stewardesses. 15. Arrived at 10 am, we went to Petionville at 11 am with a Texas team and brought 1500 Gospel of John with us! We preached the gospel and prayed with those that believed and gave them a gospel of John. We returned home, with about 50 gospel! Praise the LORD! 16. Prayed for people at the hospital, 2 received the LORD on the way. We then went to minister to the children Read more [...]