Blog for Sapporo, Japan. Jan. 15 to 24, 2013

Sapporo, Japan Jan. 15-24, 2013 Tues. 15. I arrived at LAX Tuesday morning and shared with ~6 at the airport, the luggage man gladly received the LORD! I shared with 2 flight attendants, and then the man next to me on the plane from Columbia , who received the LORD! Wens. 16. I traveled from Narita airport to Haneda airport and gave the Jesus film DVD in Japanese, to ~15 people. I shared the gospel with the ticket agent from japan Airlines and she received the LORD! Thurs. 17. I shared the gospel Read more [...]

Prayer & Praise!

Thank you for all your support in prayer for the work of evangelism in Sapporo, Japan! I arrived Wednesday, Midnight, it was about 3 degrees fahrenheit. Burrr.. But the flights were good and I got to share the gospel with some of the workers. Thomas believed at LAX and a ticket agent for Japan Airlines believed and received the Lord at Hanada airport in Tokyo! Thursday was a busy day in Sapporo, my hosts Steve and Michiyo Lorincz had much to do, still we shared the gospel with 6 students and 3 Read more [...]