Japan Blog Oct. 2012

Journal for Oct. 2012 Japan trip

Oct 14. Arrived at LAX checked-in, shared the gospel with ticket agent, she believed and received the LORD! Shared with the food server, she believed and received.

Oct 16. Arrived in Tokyo and gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the immigration agent. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to two car rental workers. Dr. Moots & I then headed for gospel town. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the cashier at a store & to people at the rest stops and the gas station. Gave a coin and a Jesus DVD to the tolls booth operators(7[we made a wrong turn and came to a dead end just a few miles from the broken nuclear power plant]). Arrived at gospel town around 10 pm.

Oct 17. Dr. Moots & I drove around Ishinomaki looking for people to share the gospel with: at stores and malls and restaurants. We found more people, though not that many at the Singing Aeon Mall. We shares with about 10 people that day and maybe 2-3 received the LORD.

Oct 18. We got gas and shared the gospel with the girl attendant, she received the LORD! We went looking for schools that we visited last May, and so we did a long Northern coastal route that is sparsely populated. It was amazing as we were lost and did not know it, but we really weren't lost, the Holy Spirit was leading us! We turned into an area that Moots wanted to go to with 7-8 little shops in temporary buildings, and there was a taxi driver in his car that we shared the gospel with, he received the LORD and said 'I've been wanting something like this!' He had never heard the gospel before. We then drove on(lost) and saw 2 men sitting down eating lunch, we stopped and shared the gospel with them, they said they lost everything in the tsunami, Read more [...]